What do you buy at a Chinese porcelian shop?

In recent years, the Chinese community has opened up a lot of porcelian shops. One street might have two or three of those shops opened up next to each other near by. I some times pass by those shops and saw the display and have no idea what they are selling? I don’t know how those items are used for.  They have strange shapes that don’t seem to be useful. Many white people and black people always ask Chinese people what are their religion? and why don’t they practice their religion in this country? Morelikely, I think a lot of people have no idea how Chinese people educate their children? Because a lot of American born Chinese don’t know anything about Chinese culture and most of the time they are Church members that do not pratice Chinese religion.

It has been a while Chinese New Year has goneby. I realize the porcelian shop might be doing pre-New Year sale on flower vases. The Chinese community certainely do not advertise on buying flower vases for New Year flowers… A lot of things the Chinese community just don’t advertise. I missed the flower sale for 2018.

Ask about Chinese religion

If you ask any Chinese older people about religious practice. They would just say something like you are Chinese or just tell you to eat your food. This is their way of Chinese religion practice. Doaism! The way of the daily living of a Chinese.

Eat Chinese food

Many none Chinese people always wonder what Chinese is all about. People live in New York City all their lives still can claim they don’t know anything about Chinese food. With New York City under massive recounstruction a lot of the good buffets that serve good vegetables are gone. The City community are still under heavy meat favor. Chinese food once again faces redesign into meat favor.

Speak English

I am not embrassed by some of the Chinese people saying “I don’t know English” to stay away from speaking English. Except I have to claim that “I am not a Chinese” in order to speak English.

Author: wailala n/a

I am relearning how to write...something else... most likely not here to inspire you ... because we all have hate. I forgot how I was born. Telling me to listen to songs of angles. Why do you Americans tell me I don't have Chinese Church? It has been hundreds of years of Chinese Church. You want to fight? We will see! If no body ever do anything about why Chinese people still go to Church in this World, not in your country only. My life.

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