Police officer! I need to get married! Is this an emergency? Some doctor whore hole calling 911 reporting crazy for “not a virgin”. Is thing an emergency, do you need help? She doesn’t want to work double charged me for her own acne cream? I lost my ID. Do you need help? I like lost my ID. They are trying to transfer my MTA card to be used in Shanghai. Can you identify me without 911 payment? Beep—-

Author: wailala n/a

I am relearning how to write...something else... most likely not here to inspire you ... because we all have hate. I forgot how I was born. Telling me to listen to songs of angles. Why do you Americans tell me I don't have Chinese Church? It has been hundreds of years of Chinese Church. You want to fight? We will see! If no body ever do anything about why Chinese people still go to Church in this World, not in your country only. My life.

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