Mothers day to Mothers that you will never want

I write stupid things. I am not here to inspire you. I hope you don’t do the same thing. I though things would turn out differently for you, but I guess not.


I though with all the information given. Everyone should be able to get through it and have someone to help them. If you know what I mean.

Been to the black community museum today and saw the books they have. Inspired. Donated a dollar in hope that poor people like me can get help. Everyone.

If the only thing you can do is give birth to a kid and raise them to be somebody. I think you know what I mean when my very own parents wanted me to be fucked up with pills so bad without marriage and child calling me crazy and ugly everyday so they get free money from the gov. Calls it a great American revenge to their Chinese government. A piece of shit to the black people who did the black rights movement.

When your own parent don’t even want you to have anything. There is no one there to help any of your parents.

I wanted my own opportunity. Happy mother’s day to all the stupid mothers that no one will ever want.

Mothers wanted you to have nothing. You will be happy never to have them ever.

Wai n/a

Author: wailala n/a

I am relearning how to write...something else... most likely not here to inspire you ... because we all have hate. I forgot how I was born. Telling me to listen to songs of angles. Why do you Americans tell me I don't have Chinese Church? It has been hundreds of years of Chinese Church. You want to fight? We will see! If no body ever do anything about why Chinese people still go to Church in this World, not in your country only. My life.

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