Crime of a Han

Crime of a Han

I know you hate Chinese people for not believing in the word of GOD.

If they just GOD dame love their kid a little bit more and raise them to be able to get a job this world would not have so many stupid name callings to support illegal immigrations and “your kid is stupid”.

Lots of people know but would not stop it. I am not going to stop it as well.

You will like it, if you hate me.

They apply for illegal marriage with other women with full taxation support for the matrimony and their kids to be immigrated to this country.

Their own kid is fucked up so bad in poverty that they believe the virtue of being poor and looks ugly as hell getting government food stamp on their birthday is the best resolution to go.

This children have no taxation support. Their live is just worse than an illegal immigrant. Their parents sign them up to be stupid getting disability money. They couldn’t even earn three thousand dollars per month like a real illegal immigrant.

Five hundred dollar glory per month for their kids. They all wanted this contract. If you wanted anything it would not be their parents’. These kids will never be married. Glories GOD oh holy.

Every body knows this people. No body is going to stop you if you like to call your kid crazy. You gave birth to them.

To holy Jesus. All the love.

What of a Han? A Hans’

only problem is that they will never allowed to return home from the day you where born. Ethnic clan value is that the day you where born you where made to cry for everything but ever return to hell where you came from.

And YOU wanted more Kids and your own human right, while your kid is called crazy idiot.

I know they all said they loved you best buddies. You call them church stupid.

Happy birthday food stamps only from now on.

Ps:Its been hundreds of years you will be stupid to think China doesn’t have Church. Get your own.

Author: wailala n/a

I am relearning how to write...something else... most likely not here to inspire you ... because we all have hate. I forgot how I was born. Telling me to listen to songs of angles. Why do you Americans tell me I don't have Chinese Church? It has been hundreds of years of Chinese Church. You want to fight? We will see! If no body ever do anything about why Chinese people still go to Church in this World, not in your country only. My life.

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