Me and Money, why the hell I am poor as hell!

Me and Money, why the hell I am poor as hell!

It was never impossible you came to this country for money! But why the hell you sold me?

I was born then killed. I never remember anything happened before six years old. I don’t drink milk. I heard about my mother not wanting me. I heard and know. Don’t expect I give anything to her.

All my parents wishes in this whole wide world were for me never to have anything from them. Looks and like. So you know I was never expected to look like my parents. Everyone knows and was helping them.

I came to this country. Everyone knows the situation and tried to help my parents. Insurance was bought. It would be so easy if they just let me have the insurance policy and the protection. They sold my insurance policy to someone else in Hong Kong.

I was never protected. My name was never Wai La Lam. It is a fake name for the law firm to take hold of my policy and legally sold it. ”Mr. Wai La Lam” is the real bank account name with the information. The name does not belong to me. You have no prove that it was me. I never have legal protection.

How much was in the policy? One million ID protection and 5billion medical protection.

Dream about it now. Fucking idiot. No money any more.

Its going to be New Year.

Burn all the candles so you will die on your own.

12-26-2018 End.


Author: wailala n/a

I am relearning how to write...something else... most likely not here to inspire you ... because we all have hate. I forgot how I was born. Telling me to listen to songs of angles. Why do you Americans tell me I don't have Chinese Church? It has been hundreds of years of Chinese Church. You want to fight? We will see! If no body ever do anything about why Chinese people still go to Church in this World, not in your country only. My life.

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