Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a Han. And was told never should have come to the United States because the United States hates Han. Han is a Zhongguoren ethnic clan. Not a lower class or any kind of different religion. I have Church and just like the other Chinese Church people. It’s Han ethnic clan only that. I was told I should never claim it as well. They were all correct.

I was told that I am crazy by my own family because they are making sure they can do religion practice on me with what ever the stupid Chinese wants. Now the Chinese have religion practice in Chinatown to control the population. I have Church and my family are calling me crazy because of that.

Keep it up stupid government supporting my family making sure I got nothing. Letting practice religion curse on me. Thinking family is important. The Han is not the same. It usually happen within the family. Don’t tell me to believe in love. Love is only from GOD to people like me.

Joselin Lam

Ps: Want insurance from me? Go to Kings county clerk office. Other than that no one else can help you. Gay converted and crazy Chinese.


Hey, fuck head, got English name now.

Ps: I need a boyfriend. Anyone likes me?

No body cares about killing you

No body cares about killing you

You know the United States is a stupid country. No one anywhere in the world announced to blow your stupid country up. So what are you talking about at the capital?

I received a suicidal letter telling people not to kill themselves. I think you are sick. What are you up to? You know your kids may not want to join the military force. Tell them don’t go. Times has changed. The recruit goal is not important anymore. Please don’t force them. They like football, just let them do that. No body wants your country. Because they are all coming into this country to buy grave yard spots. The investment have a lot of money in it. I don’t know why but they all like it.

At lot of people in New York City are full of infections. No body gets help. I was told because of religion reason I can not have penicillin shot. The Jewish got all the shots.

I am a Han. And was told never should have come to the United States because the United States hates Han. Han is a Zhongguoren ethnic clan. Not a lower class or any kind of different religion. I have Church and just like the other Chinese Church people. It’s Han ethnic clan. I was told I should never claim it as well. They were all correct.

I am not Jewish and will never be, so back off, Jewish for signing me up to be a Jewish. I read it from a religion book that Chinese people gone crazy for trying to be Jewish.

Now, you know you white boys are voting to be gay corrected right in this country. And some stupid in Chinatown are converting people gay. The city is full of gay approval. Everyone in other cities are showing all the support. Transexuals are allowed to join the force. Your boys don’t want to go, but all the girls wants their hands on guns.

Everyone is changing. Homosexual is changing everything. If marriage is so easy, we may not need to fight so many things with war. Just marry your son off for more oil and gold and claim on lands and bank accounts. You know the deal is good.

The “gay” might be true.

Fuck you.



Most Advanced Food Supply

Most Advanced Food Supply

I am a big science fiction fan. When I heard about the most expensive food of the future is poo; and that might be the only thing for us for food supply in the future.

Of all things happened it turn out that the astronaut already using the method to survivor a year in space. It might sound normal but the topic was the food of the future.

The fear was that we were running out of food in the future. The most powerful health food are advanced engineered weeds in the market right now. They look like grass. It was advertised on the expensive menu only. A bucket of expensive weed does not look like higher end cuisine.

So what do we eat? In New York City its twice as expensive so you can imagine why this city is “hell” if you are looking for food. I bought a tray of buffet veggie costed me $13. $8 bought me rotten cooked veggie only. I should have saved up.

I went to all kinds of market for food for being poor and unable to cook where I stay. Not a lot of vegetation selection broccoli is usually old and not fresh, peas only comes in frozen, corn is never sweet and hard to eat, carrot is so bad that all kids hate it for giving them bad teeth, potato – I don’t even know how you eat it, tomato has a lot of rotten one not sweet anymore, cabbage comes in too old to be eaten, celery always the third rated, onions comes in a bad always too small in size for the prize, and spinach don’t even buy it full of dirt.

Where did I go shopping the fresh produce line in markets.

You can not imagine the future is good when food is bad.

At one time the city was going on lower prices. Everyone was happy. Until the credit cards fucked up because no one wants to pay. So the price for things was up on expensive again. My credit card was fucked up so bad the interest rate is 200%. Because the Chinese in China had free access and was trying for free interest rate money. The credit card is gone.

The future for food is not free and not cheap. How bad is it to grow a plan? You wealthy people are eating weeds at home.

Oh, I was looking at pay medical plan. Someone fucked it up screaming they don’t want to pay. So the town is shit again.


City of Ghosts

City of ghosts

In the middle of the dead land where nothing grows – – but if you understand there might be ghosts there might be changes and growth…

If … you know ghosts will be there…

The news is for them to find out about my place, so they can come here and make their wishes.

Now you all know anyone can make wishes; just some people don’t do it; you will never need to mind them. They know what it means.

Now for the ghosts to find out where I am and come to me. The city will give them what they wanted.

My name is “I”. I do really give myself the funny name. You will like it as well; if you need to find me. You will need to know it.

I came here in the summer and have the house built. Really simple. Three steps to the door, choose left or right to enter.

It’s open door access.

I, ghost city.

Ps: Remembered by the visit to bbg’s desert room.



Where in darkness hand helding blood, desire of protection solemn to your self. Where did you keep it? Whom did you promise?

Did they ever know? What evil are for?

Telling all the evil, advising all the teacher, do they know to whom they are for? Blood lasting evil promise of protection, to kill and offering hate, the gift.

They all glorify. Do they all know? Still to know after death what they are for? Crying , screaming , dying , of hate!

Two dragons of posting sides. Eyeing for what will fall in love in known memories. If you might forgot one day, one day might you return to see again.

The eyes were not for you, please there is no need to take them. Someone will be in waiting for what love might promise what to remember.



Stupid Whiteboy

Stupid Whiteboy

I have heard some of you white boys like Chinese ugly girls and some of you went to service in war but died.

We all heard people die in war for some reasons.

Some of you don’t want to go to war any more, and some of you think you need to leave this country. I know you don’t like it. I don’t like it anyway too. It’s supposed to be your country. I was told to leave this country because I was too young to work a job to pay you. I was never educated because I don’t have money to pay for ESL classes. I never really got a job, was told that I am too ugly to get married and don’t ever needed friends. You all have GOD so do everyone else. Telling people to service GOD but all of you have to make the payment. No pay no help, whereever you go, because noone wants you to exists.

I was told you will not help me and still was being told to get a job and still is too ugly to get a job.

All those doctors will be making sure I got nothing soon lot more people will have sexually transmitted disease because they are ugly. You wanted to be protected? Why don’t you pay for your own fucking piece of shit where ever you go. You people do nothing for anyone all those gay people are going to spraying women for husband all over the world.

I will never wanted your existence go die in you own grave yard.

Pay the money on your own, gay freezzbe.


Publishing a book? I am not here to inspire you in science fiction

Not my dream. I just have to do something.

No one does homosexual books like you. Heterosexual people have no protection against anything including being poor.

What do you want me to say what dreams are for!

You can dream and wake up remembering that you are too old. I am getter older but still looks for a boyfriend in love to say. Dreams are not for love. They are making sure of me to be ugly out of their or everyone’s life. They all wanted gay life. Selecting some people out to be fucked up and ugly and poor. Thinking those all can die out of everything for love. Trying to fake all the nice to me telling me to eat it up for keeping ugly’s look.

If you want gay life, why don’t you make the wish on your own? If gay sex is too much, for the love of life, die on your own. No one wanted to love you! All too busy being poor as hell and you think they are straight.

A boy making promises that he wants to be the only boy in the world for all the money! I can tell you that he will have to be on his own for the rest of his life. Because it worked. Love really are not for girls. They make wishes to the stars that no girls will exists. Can you understand how bad they killed those baby girls and happy about it screaming don’t have to be poor with her and making sure she feels the pain of being a girl that does not have anything and all the advertising in the world telling you its horrible for her to get a job because she will be rapped for being a girl who wants a job.

Finally it is right to be gay and right to kill babies you don’t want, in more countries. No more say of what can not be done. Including anyone to be dead out of my life. If you know how I look like. For all the likes in the world, lots of you don’t like it. Making sure I have nothing but ugly to keep for the mother that feed me nail fungus for food. Making sure I have no health insurance. Telling people five dollar is too much to pay. I really don’t have your health insurance and never will because you have more money to keep it up making sure more people can not have your insurance ever.

I don’t need to see your doctors. 35 dollars pay for nothing including no treatments. The doctors took it and never any help. No one ever wanted to pay the 20 dollars for strange credit card reasons – – they are too wealthy.

For love, turn around and leave forever.

JL / black and white that pays in green the path of money

Uncle’s fucking love life against bunny

Uncle’s fucking love life against bunny


Now you know that you are gay and it ain’t free and all. Been selling things??? You know why us kids all know what money is for. Love is not cheap. You and your husband.

I would be wrong to say “now you know” but you should have said it. “We are not allowed to watch”. Fuck, you know. Us people who are poor are not the same kin typed like you. Not allowed at boy-doom with guns against your life.

You been eating dead baby girls and all and we have always been hungry. Still hungry. There is no food in the family.

I have you know bunny will never be here. The one we eat. You hate those man. Gave us the wrong bunny for food, always.

“Money” uncle is good. Bunny cost 10billion for two. But you will know the pain too. You don’t want them. They cursed you out of love. We always love them and eat them. You will never need them. Don’t you know? They were expected to have many babies I guess you decided to kill them all.

Every winter. Every gift will never be send to you. You know us kindred soul making it sleepy with food for us only. You wanted love making with romantica with Julia with pants. Bunny will forever be out with you. No sham in selling you out over here. They are all freaken gay and you are just not into it and left for someone else.

We can have bunny away from you. Far away. Mars moon light will not burn you with Apollo. They are going to space again. But bunny will not afford you in millions on the other side. Where blood has hated against every thing what money can have no tell tale with bunnies eye colors. I am sure you heard of. They are all not to your liking.

You gay are! Some people can not have rights to hate you because you want them dead. Real blood related uncles do the same. What do you think of what eyes behold? When no one is allowed for any thing against your kin.

Where there are bunny’s there might be people be dead out of your life. If all it takes is for bunny to be with me and there will never be you ever. True be told of sex. Why don’t you die on your own. Eating little girls for joy and sex. Having fun calling ugly name calling your sorry life son of the bitches. They are all loving you. You are priceless gay calculated to worth more money than bunny can help against your taste cutting off their heads.

Bunny ears, there were four of them running away. Been told they will be dead at the gate. Story ended with all the bunnies gone.

Wai n/a