Memory of you — who?

Memory of you

Today if you remember yourself! Its you. I did not go. Sky is all clouded for you to be loved. I will not be there. You can see it all on your own. Where ever you like.

Looking to look good. Leaving all the request for all the money in the world. I can not have a thing. You will not receive a gift today.

It is strange. The homeless is still on the street. Covered up by the cloud so you don’t feel bad and see the truth of whats expected. They might not need you and you don’t need them.

I was told of them and told them myself out of help and homeless. Good luck fellow with #one.

Bought coffee. #one. It wasn’t too hot. Not sharing with you or them. Where on Earth did anyone asked you to see anything! Best Buy has big discount but you know what I mean; #one; news.

It wasn’t big news no one said a word against anything. Siting around where you don’t need to see them. All pretending to work it out for the day; going around asking about opportunity calling others making requests and explaining where about needed informing. What people would do today; without telling you all the demand they have.

What people would do – – – the art of not telling. Memory without you. Happy holiday. 5-28-2018/ I called // In memory of someone else// walked away in memory of what it was///



Mothers day to Mothers that you will never want

I write stupid things. I am not here to inspire you. I hope you don’t do the same thing. I though things would turn out differently for you, but I guess not.


I though with all the information given. Everyone should be able to get through it and have someone to help them. If you know what I mean.

Been to the black community museum today and saw the books they have. Inspired. Donated a dollar in hope that poor people like me can get help. Everyone.

If the only thing you can do is give birth to a kid and raise them to be somebody. I think you know what I mean when my very own parents wanted me to be fucked up with pills so bad without marriage and child calling me crazy and ugly everyday so they get free money from the gov. Calls it a great American revenge to their Chinese government. A piece of shit to the black people who did the black rights movement.

When your own parent don’t even want you to have anything. There is no one there to help any of your parents.

I wanted my own opportunity. Happy mother’s day to all the stupid mothers that no one will ever want.

Mothers wanted you to have nothing. You will be happy never to have them ever.

Wai n/a


Police officer! I need to get married! Is this an emergency? Some doctor whore hole calling 911 reporting crazy for “not a virgin”. Is thing an emergency, do you need help? She doesn’t want to work double charged me for her own acne cream? I lost my ID. Do you need help? I like lost my ID. They are trying to transfer my MTA card to be used in Shanghai. Can you identify me without 911 payment? Beep—-


I am trying to write on expressing my ideas. Ideas that might not be happy, a bit stupid, on smart people who have made it but why are you not going to make it. The elders always claim people who are born in this country are useless.

Always voting to support illegal immigration. Their own children are being voted out of all community support.

What is the idea of claiming that your own children is useless?

This happens a lot in the Chinese community.

Your religion

No one can tell you

I can not tell you what it means by God. Except that all our people have religion. Just you don’t understand that no body wants your DNA. Truth be told.

Why couldn’t you understand that when a child is born they are all on their own with their own DNA, freedom, self, and wealth.

Things that their father gave them that their mother can not take away.

You don’t understand that you don’t like it.

But with your GOD you take away every thing they have by the order of law.

You stupid whore hole wanted people to talk about religion—no one will. And no one will and you pretend to be ESOL and think that people don’t understand. You understand ” on one will”. No one even wants you. Do you understand what it means!?



Boy peach, cherry, plum!

Black peach’s punishable crime is love. Every New Year, unmarried young men and women all wanted peach charm. Everyone buys a branch of peach blossom. Cut! For someone else’s love you will have to be in pain? You would in return offer them the same!

Black cherry is gorgeous because of its blood line. Some people claim that there are dead bodies buried under the most colorful cherry trees. Who place the dead under the tree! Who would recognized cruelty as beautiful?

Black plum is hurt by hate. It blooms in winter. Either its too early or too late in blossom. Don’t you hate the season it choose to bloom? Is waiting hope or just so that you will give up forever?

Boy end!

What do you buy at a Chinese porcelian shop?

In recent years, the Chinese community has opened up a lot of porcelian shops. One street might have two or three of those shops opened up next to each other near by. I some times pass by those shops and saw the display and have no idea what they are selling? I don’t know how those items are used for.  They have strange shapes that don’t seem to be useful. Many white people and black people always ask Chinese people what are their religion? and why don’t they practice their religion in this country? Morelikely, I think a lot of people have no idea how Chinese people educate their children? Because a lot of American born Chinese don’t know anything about Chinese culture and most of the time they are Church members that do not pratice Chinese religion.

It has been a while Chinese New Year has goneby. I realize the porcelian shop might be doing pre-New Year sale on flower vases. The Chinese community certainely do not advertise on buying flower vases for New Year flowers… A lot of things the Chinese community just don’t advertise. I missed the flower sale for 2018.

Ask about Chinese religion

If you ask any Chinese older people about religious practice. They would just say something like you are Chinese or just tell you to eat your food. This is their way of Chinese religion practice. Doaism! The way of the daily living of a Chinese.

Eat Chinese food

Many none Chinese people always wonder what Chinese is all about. People live in New York City all their lives still can claim they don’t know anything about Chinese food. With New York City under massive recounstruction a lot of the good buffets that serve good vegetables are gone. The City community are still under heavy meat favor. Chinese food once again faces redesign into meat favor.

Speak English

I am not embrassed by some of the Chinese people saying “I don’t know English” to stay away from speaking English. Except I have to claim that “I am not a Chinese” in order to speak English.