Where in darkness hand helding blood, desire of protection solemn to your self. Where did you keep it? Whom did you promise?

Did they ever know? What evil are for?

Telling all the evil, advising all the teacher, do they know to whom they are for? Blood lasting evil promise of protection, to kill and offering hate, the gift.

They all glorify. Do they all know? Still to know after death what they are for? Crying , screaming , dying , of hate!

Two dragons of posting sides. Eyeing for what will fall in love in known memories. If you might forgot one day, one day might you return to see again.

The eyes were not for you, please there is no need to take them. Someone will be in waiting for what love might promise what to remember.



Publishing a book? I am not here to inspire you in science fiction

Not my dream. I just have to do something.

No one does homosexual books like you. Heterosexual people have no protection against anything including being poor.

What do you want me to say what dreams are for!

You can dream and wake up remembering that you are too old. I am getter older but still looks for a boyfriend in love to say. Dreams are not for love. They are making sure of me to be ugly out of their or everyone’s life. They all wanted gay life. Selecting some people out to be fucked up and ugly and poor. Thinking those all can die out of everything for love. Trying to fake all the nice to me telling me to eat it up for keeping ugly’s look.

If you want gay life, why don’t you make the wish on your own? If gay sex is too much, for the love of life, die on your own. No one wanted to love you! All too busy being poor as hell and you think they are straight.

A boy making promises that he wants to be the only boy in the world for all the money! I can tell you that he will have to be on his own for the rest of his life. Because it worked. Love really are not for girls. They make wishes to the stars that no girls will exists. Can you understand how bad they killed those baby girls and happy about it screaming don’t have to be poor with her and making sure she feels the pain of being a girl that does not have anything and all the advertising in the world telling you its horrible for her to get a job because she will be rapped for being a girl who wants a job.

Finally it is right to be gay and right to kill babies you don’t want, in more countries. No more say of what can not be done. Including anyone to be dead out of my life. If you know how I look like. For all the likes in the world, lots of you don’t like it. Making sure I have nothing but ugly to keep for the mother that feed me nail fungus for food. Making sure I have no health insurance. Telling people five dollar is too much to pay. I really don’t have your health insurance and never will because you have more money to keep it up making sure more people can not have your insurance ever.

I don’t need to see your doctors. 35 dollars pay for nothing including no treatments. The doctors took it and never any help. No one ever wanted to pay the 20 dollars for strange credit card reasons – – they are too wealthy.

For love, turn around and leave forever.

JL / black and white that pays in green the path of money


Mothers day to Mothers that you will never want

I write stupid things. I am not here to inspire you. I hope you don’t do the same thing. I though things would turn out differently for you, but I guess not.


I though with all the information given. Everyone should be able to get through it and have someone to help them. If you know what I mean.

Been to the black community museum today and saw the books they have. Inspired. Donated a dollar in hope that poor people like me can get help. Everyone.

If the only thing you can do is give birth to a kid and raise them to be somebody. I think you know what I mean when my very own parents wanted me to be fucked up with pills so bad without marriage and child calling me crazy and ugly everyday so they get free money from the gov. Calls it a great American revenge to their Chinese government. A piece of shit to the black people who did the black rights movement.

When your own parent don’t even want you to have anything. There is no one there to help any of your parents.

I wanted my own opportunity. Happy mother’s day to all the stupid mothers that no one will ever want.

Mothers wanted you to have nothing. You will be happy never to have them ever.

Wai n/a


Police officer! I need to get married! Is this an emergency? Some doctor whore hole calling 911 reporting crazy for “not a virgin”. Is thing an emergency, do you need help? She doesn’t want to work double charged me for her own acne cream? I lost my ID. Do you need help? I like lost my ID. They are trying to transfer my MTA card to be used in Shanghai. Can you identify me without 911 payment? Beep—-